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Online Marketing

"With over 20 years of experience in marketing, our clients have always come first!

We can help you to reach the #1 position on some of the top search engines in the world."

A pickle being picked is like a website being found. Here's why...

A pickle's raison d'être (its life's purpose) is to be the pickle that gets picked. The last thing a pickle wants, is to be the last, bleached, unwanted pickle at the bottom of the jar. You know what happens to that one don't you?

When people first open their pickle jar, they usually tend to pick one of the three pickles stuck at the top. Similarly, 80% of people click one of the top three listings on search engines. People don't tend to dig around.

To be picked, a pickle not only has to be easily accessible, it also has to be visually appealing.

Yet looks aren't everything either, the pickle still has to be nutritious. The same as your website has to be attractive, easily accessible, and user friendly, it also has to contain useful content.

You only need a quick bite from your pickle to tell if you want to continue eating it or not. Similarly, people will judge you within a few seconds. If people aren't impressed with your website, if they don't get a sense of security, comfort, professionalism, they'll tend to quickly dismiss you like a bad pickle.

With Northshore Developments, you'll not only be the pickle that gets picked, you'll be the one that fills the need of the consumer... and you'll leave the competition behind.

Marc Archambault
Creative Director

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