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Northshore Developments is a progressive web design firm that specializes in e-commerce solutions, website development, commercial photography, computer programming, graphic design, multimedia presentations and marketing.

We have been in the advertising and design business for over 25 years and have done work for such clients as Sony, Sharp, Carrier, Best Western, Softub, The City of Toronto, Magna International, Toshiba, Superior Safety, Rama First Nation ...

In 1995 we branched out to offer world wide web services.

Northshore Developments is at the forefront of website design. We create dynamic and scalable sites that are easy to maintain.

Although our design techniques are quite advanced, we do not exploit technology at the cost of alienating a site's visitors. We design websites to be aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, optimized for quick load time on the Internet, and backwards compatible for use on current and previous versions of both Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Such design allows all our websites to be viewed equally well, with various computer settings, without crashing and without visitors getting lost within the site.

Over the past few years, the way in which websites can be designed has changed. We design websites that require minimal upkeep. In fact, most modifications are either made automatically via custom computer programming, or can be made by yourself with very little training, by means of Content Management Software.

Website design northern ontario, canada.

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